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Beth Hammarström, 2008-02-24


The earth is covered with parallel lines of energy and where they cross one another the energy field is stronger. Research has shown that the energy coming from these areas is a form of weak electromagnetic energy. The lines appear geometrically and are called curry lines, after Manfred Curry a Swiss physician and Hartman lines, after Ernst Hartmann a German physician. The points where the curry lines cross are commonly called curry crosses; where the Hartman and curry lines cross they are called super-curry crosses. Some people are more sensitive to this energy than others and generally most people if exposed during a period of time can feel these energies, which can be detrimental to health. However, when the earth’s energies are connected to the heavens energies they create a feeling of harmony, joy and peace and are in tune with our bodies. Our bodies can be used as a channel for the meeting of these energies so that the earth can move into a higher frequency and receive healing.

The earth’s energy field

Hans Giertz, engineer in electronic technique, has researched the electromagnetic charges coming from the curry lines and has come to the conclusion that the charge is a weak static electromagnetic field that cannot be measured with existing tools.[1] However, our bodies can detect very weak electromagnetic fields and this is why many people can identify them with the aid of a dowser or pendulum. The earths energies are not in tune with our energies and can be quite detrimental to our health causing stress and sometimes sickness if one is exposed too long, such as during sleep when a curry cross is under the bed. Many people have reported disturbances in sleep, pain and illnesses such as cancer and heart disease that disappear or improve when they move their beds. An acquaintance of mine told of her son who had complained of headaches and tiredness and problems getting to sleep. She eventually thought that there might be a curry cross under his bed and moved it. From the first night her son was able to sleep easily and his headaches and tiredness disappeared. When I located the cross and stood in it I experienced an extremely strong surge of energy. It appears that the energy coming from the earth through the curry cross is not in tune with our bodies and in fact will cause disturbances in our physical and mental states of being.

Experiencing the energy of the earth

Through a process of getting to know myself I have opened up my body to experiencing a sensation of the electromagnetic energy emanating from the curry cross. This process involved releasing the bound energy of my past wounds and childhood and adult relationships so that the earth’s energies could flow freely in my body. The main work was done in a five-year course in psychosynthesis leading to a diploma as a psychosynthesis therapist.[2] The pedagogic of this course is interactive and the students work with their own process while learning and developing through group therapy as well as individual therapy. After the third year of my studies and therapy, which involved working with deep childhood trauma, my physical body opened up to a sensitivity for the earth’s energies. These energies are sometimes called Kundalini energy or life’s energy. All energy is the same – energy is energy, how we experience it can differ. Most people have felt this life energy in some way, perhaps when listening to inspiring music, looking at an object of beauty, during sexual intercourse and orgasm, while walking in nature or while practicing yoga. Life’s energy is to be found within us as well as all around us. The difference is that I feel a strong surge of energy while standing in a curry cross.

In my walks in the woods I discovered that my body is sensitive to the electromagnetic charge coming from the curry crosses. The physical sensation is of a strong shivering that comes up through my body and focuses in the area of my heart and up in my head and even out through my arms and back the stronger it gets. The feeling is the same as any experience of the kundalini energy, though stronger. This sensation was baffling to me as I had not heard of it before and no one I spoke with had experienced these points of energy in the same way, though many can find the curry crosses with help of a dowser or pendulum.

The energy was extremely powerful and I could not stand in it for long without releasing the sensation through the area of my heart. I continued standing in the crosses to learn more and soon intuitively understood that I needed to visualize light coming down through my head to meet the energies coming up through my feet. The light I invite in as Father God to meet Mother Earth. The sensation then becomes more peaceful, happy and harmonious. And it seemed that I was learning more while standing in this united energy.

Intuitive learning

The learning process has been slow and seems to be mainly intuitive. I have read very little about the curry crosses because I have the feeling that too much of the known knowledge will interfere and affect the intuitive knowledge. It is as though I must have patience and let the knowledge come in its own time not forcing but relaxing in the sensation of trust. At the same time knowledge is coming to me when I need it from books, people and other sources. During this time I have had the guidance of a psychosynthesis therapist who is very intuitive and open to this source of knowledge. She has encouraged me and guided me in my own process, in the need for patience and trust and has seen the overall connection between my process and the intuitive knowledge.

Energy of relationships                       

The energies are uniting in their purpose; they are about the love force that guides relationships. The relationships are on an individual scale as well as a larger scale. A description of my experience will be found in a poem that I wrote a few months after first coming in contact with this source of energy. Mother Ghia is a term used for the earth.


Mother Ghia

Your energy is like a fire that explodes within me.

A thousand tiny sparks filling me, igniting me.

Longing to be released to unite with God’s energy,

the energy of the heavens, of the universe.

Striving to unite to create the peaceful power of love.


I open myself to heavens energies.

They flow through my body with a gentle clarity.

The lover God meeting the beloved Ghia!

As the energy flows down into the womb of Ghia,

I am drawn as a magnet into her inner heat.


Mother Ghia’s womb is filled with a passionate fire,

the fire of volcanoes, the power of earthquakes.

Father God brings His supreme love to unite with the fire.

Out of the fire and love comes an all-encompassing peace.

The peace takes hold of my body as I gently sink into the earth.


They peace of their love surpasses understanding.

When these two energies meet they create a synthesis.

The supreme synthesis of relations - love.

Their union creates a healing energy with one soul purpose -

to heal relationships.


Between man and the earth,

between man and man,

between man and nature,

between man and animals,

between man and Self,

between man and the universe.


Beth Hammarström March 2006


Reconnecting the energies

I have introduced several others to the sensation of these energies and everyone has felt some type of sensation. I can feel a charge of energy in my body when the person standing in the curry cross connects to the heavens or God energies. In fact when a group is standing around the person who is connected they also feel a strong surge of energy. Something is happening and it has taken me awhile to understand how we can use these energies in healing.

Recently I have become interested in Eric Pearls work with reconnected energies. [3] He is able to bring individuals in contact with a higher frequency or higher intelligence that cooperates with the person to create needed healing. There seems to be a relation between these two experiences of reconnecting energies. Pearl suggests that people on earth, at one time, were connected to a higher source of intelligence and of energy, to a higher frequency.  Can it be that the earth, at one time, also was connected to a higher source of intelligence and energy, a higher frequency, and that the earth will also receive healing through connecting the energy of the earth with the energy of the heavens – of God? I believe that mankind is the instrument, the channel, for bringing about this connection and that we can do this work, at least preliminarily in the curry crosses where the energy is readily felt. Jesus said where three or more are gathered in my name, there am I also. The power will be enforced in groups. I believe that the connection of earths and heavens energies creates a field of healing that will primarily heal the earth. As the earth heals, relationships and larger collectives, countries, populations, the starving people of the world, the aids inflicted of the world, the children of the world will be healed.

Pearl speaks of receiving the energies, not of sending them. This has been a conundrum for me because I have been focussing on sending instead of receiving. I believe that a group of people can first be initiated, or experience the feeling of standing in the curry cross and connecting the heavens energies to the earths. Together the group will receive the energies while focusing on the earth. My hypothesis is that the major focus should be to the earth, and that this will lead to healing of relationships for mankind and bring peace on earth.

Your body is an instrument of connection

The island of La Gomera in the Canary Islands is known as a magical island and many people experience this magical energy in its rugged and dramatic nature. At one time, while visiting the island, I was standing on the beach listening to a group of people playing the bongo drums as the sun set into the ocean. The energy coming from the drumming was amazing and as I sat and revelled in the feelings in my body I noticed that a young woman sitting in front of me lit up what appeared to be a cigarette. The sweet smell of the smoke led me to believe she was smoking marijuana. Suddenly the energies stopped. I thought it might be related to the marijuana smoke so I moved in front of her so as to avoid the smoke and the energies came back immediately. The next day I went back to the area where the drummers were playing and found a curry cross in the center of the circle. It will be important to be aware of the interference of drugs and probably alcohol and nicotine in connecting to the energies. We need to see our bodies as instruments in connecting these energies and as such we need to take care of them. I am not suggesting absolution but caution while working with the energies.

Powerful centers

Many places on the planet are considered to be powerful centers of energy, on mountains, in caves, on sacred ground and in places of worship. I believe curry crosses can be found centrally at these areas of power. Curry crosses can be found in most churches located close to the altar and most probably in all places of worship. My experience is that the energy coming from the curry cross is stronger in sacred places. I believe that the reason these centers of power are stronger is that there is often a connection between the mother earth and father God in the process of worship at these sites. The more they are connected, the stronger the energy can be felt. It will be advantageous to use recognized points of power in the work of connecting heavens and earths energies, as this will increases the experience and create more of the healing energies. This will need to be done around the world in order to reach the critical mass needed to connect to a higher frequency and bring healing to the earth.

My background

I received my diploma as a registered nurse from the University of San Francisco in 1969 and worked in the field of nursing and nursing leadership for 20 years before extending my interest to organizational management and leadership and group development. I currently work with groups in group-development and leadership training; teach motivational interviewing to health care professionals at the college level and work as a psychosynthesis therapist.


Beth Hammarström


[1] Giertz, Hans, Jordstrålningar och Currylinjer, ett elektromagnetiskt fenomen, 2004

[2] Psychosynthesis Akademy, Stockholm, Sweden.  

[3] Pearl, Eric The Reconnection, Hay House, California, USA 2003







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